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BCS is a leading company offering advisory, facilitation and investment services and solutions in Dallas & Shanghai. BCS engaged Arimac to develop a fully-fledged website that meet current branding, meet organisational objectives and showcase what it has to offer to a wider audience.

Driving traffic through ongoing SEO

To drive quality traffic to the website, BCS enlisted Arimac SEO for ongoing optimisation work on targeted keywords. The brief was to secure Innoventure Partners within the top rankings in google’s organic search results for their primary keywords.

Develop applications on top of multi-touch recognition frame

On top of our multi-touch recognition frame, any application can be developed. This technology will be very useful for FMCG, hospitality, advertising and tourism sectors.

Adaptive training

It took more than two years for us to form the library for 'Kedapatha' and this library itself trains the application engine deeply about the object which one puts on the multi-touch surface. Put a Galaxy S4 on the table and it will tell you all the details about the S4.