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Gesture based cricket game for Nestle

Arimac was commissioned by Nestle MILO to develop a cricket game that take gaming to a whole new level. Stunning realism for brand engagement. MILO has long been known as an energy beverage, strongly associated with sports and good health. The game embeds an advanced AI that adapts to the game play in real time to give the active and energetic atmosphere to the gamers. Gamers will have to bowl against Angelo Mathews, the Brand Ambassador for MILO.

Real time gesture recognition

Kinect motion sensor is the next step in video game controllers. Kinect responds to how the player moves. The game makes a heavy use of advanced gesture recognition APIs in order to track the skeletal movements of the player real-time.

Real time velocity detection

The player has to bowl against Angelo Mathews. The motion data is filtered and fed into a special algorithm which detects both the axial and lateral components of velocity to determine the speed, direction and the spin of the bowl.

Access more entertainment than ever before and game in a whole new way with Angelo Mathews!