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Project Kundalini

We announced and activated one of our cutting edge projects, Kundalini which is an upshot of five years comprehensive research on Brain Computer Interface (BCI).

BCI allied Apps

Some of the applications of this technology may seem frivolous, such as the ability to control a video game with thoughts.

Making full use of advanced cognitive neuroscience and brain imaging technologies to interface directly with the human brain, we have completed a range of applications on BCI covering smart home concepts, child psychology, Meta cognitive learning, activations, games & entertainment.

Payback for hard-work

Kundalini is an award winning project; colouring the alleyway of Arimac with the Silver Award at the National Best Quality Awards in 2011.

Brain Computer Interface Game for SLIM Brand Excellence event

The objective of this game is to lift the SLIM Brand Excellence trophy using the concentration of the mind. The game leverages electro-encephalography and electro-myography in order to record and evaluate electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. Concentration level of the user is measured using above techniques and a unique gameplay experience will be delivered to the users accordingly.

Immense backing for the Gaming Industry

Your brain might be your next videogame controller. Kundalini headset, making use of its convenient model and portability expands its usage in the gaming industry. Furthermore, stress, the world’s number one health issue could be addressed with our multi-support headset. BCIs can allow game players to move around and control objects within virtual game environments, using thought alone.