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Embark yourself with Arimac Sales Force Automation (SFA) tool to boost your sales productivity.

Want to boost sales productivity? Gain real time visibility of sales? Arimac Sales force automation solution invigorates the sales process and enable the sales personnel to stay a step ahead of the nearest competitor in bagging more clients.

Arimac SFA is an Android solution which strengthens the sales process and gives unprecedented visibility into every aspect of sales to boost sales productivity.

Why SFA?

It is almost impossible to track accurate day to day sales of the field staff through manual processing, which leads to lower annual productive calls & reach. Even though many human & non-human factors disturb the Sales Force Efficiency, therefore SFA was launched with the objective of overcoming all prevalent disturbances.

Accepted locally & internationally

Arimac SFA solution is successfully implemented at different customer locations; covering Coca-Cola Sri Lanka, Coca-Cola Indonesia and Link Naturals Sri Lanka, and is widely and popularly accepted.

Cognitive Report

SFA reporting module provides meaningful and on-time reports combining functionality and aesthetics factors depending on the requirement of the client, after comprehensive analysis & observation. Get performance and key-metrics interpreted in a more meaningful mode on web & get access from anywhere in the globe.