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Adventures of TIA

The epic trailer of ‘Adventures of Tia’ is a platforming adventure game powered by Unity engine designed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Join Tia as she runs, jumps, slides, and bounces her way through bright multihued world, after being humiliated by her fruits and snacks. Feel the excitement while gaming with Tia through extremely fun levels all through the magic of virtual reality.

User behavior driven

Adventures of Tia embeds a user behavior driven difficulty adjusting mechanism to give each player a unique experience by analyzing the gaming pattern and adjusting the difficulty level accordingly. It is built on a cutting edge AI structure to handle enemy behavior depending on the skill level of the player.

Tailored cutting edge technologies

Fitted cutting edge technologies not only makes this game a lot more fun but also helps to improve the cognitive and prediction sense of the player along with their reflection skills. Adventures of Tia is a fantastic visualization of path finding algorithms and set of crazy power-ups will attract players more into the game during the gameplay.