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Visual design for Innoventure Partners

In 2014 Arimac delivered a new visual design for the website, for Innoventure Partners. We worked with Innoventure Partners collaboratively to create a visual design that would appeal the audience. The end-result was a customized site which emphasizes on simple navigation and ease of use.

Detailed planning

Planning is the first and most important step for the success of our web developments. We, in collaboration with key stakeholders of Innoventure Partners conducted several sessions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements before jumping in and putting it all together on the design.

Website Design and Build

Our design offers an appealing user experience, innate navigation functionality and user-centered layout for users to catch information quickly and easily.

Timely delivery & Quality

Arimac is all about quality. From the foundation of the project, Arimac produced a detailed delivery document and a project schedule for Innoventure Partners to ensure timely delivery on all milestones throughout the entire span of the project..