Brain Computer Interface Game for SLIM Brand Excellence event

Arimac in collaboration with SLIM, announced and activated a game based on Brain Computer Interface (BCI), for the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards. Some of the applications of this technology may seem frivolous, such as the ability to control a video game with thoughts.

Supremacy of human concentration

The objective of this game is to lift the SLIM Brand Excellence trophy with the concentration power of the mind of contestants. The game leverages electro-encephalography and electro-myography in order to record and evaluate electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. Concentration level of the user is measured using above techniques and a unique gameplay experience is delivered to the users accordingly.

Stress relieving factor

The expectancy of the game was to relief the stress of the nominees for SLIM awards before their performances to the jury. The nominated contestants for SLIM awards were given to play the game and it concluded to be a massive success as per their feedback.