Kanchayudha Concept and Background

Kanchayudha unveils the story of an ancient Sri Lankan warrior and renowned as the biggest PC game release in South Asia. It is the Sri Lanka’s first 3D action role playing game where the players will be immersed in an epic saga of a warrior, who’s on a mission to find a secret and a powerful weapon. Whilst facing the challenges on the trail towards the weapon, his past will unveil itself in a testing manner where the warrior will have to face the results of his own actions.

The story and characters of the game is inspired by historical characters of Sri Lanka. The game itself will be voiced in Sinhala. Kanchayudha will expand the boundaries of local game design and development into a whole new level and it will be a huge landmark in Sri Lankan game development industry.

Character design

The characters in this game was inspired by great personalities of Sri Lankan history, fictional and solely the creations of the designer’s imagination. They are designed in a very special way not only to suit the historical background but also to suit the gameplay as a whole. The idea here was not to get the characters 100% historically accurate which wouldn’t serve a purpose as long as the gameplay and entertainment aspects are concerned.

Backgrounds and Places

Backgrounds were also designed with the inspiration of historical accounts. However, they are also recreated according to the gameplay and the storyline to give it a more appealing and aesthetic aspect. Merging the aesthetics and the functionality of the level design has given the backgrounds not only a stunning look and feel but all the elements are engaging and functional. On top of that, the amazing graphics and realistic lighting effects has turned the gameplay into a wonderful experience.


Kanchayudha has a very unique gameplay which accommodates different play-styles. It gives each player a unique experience by analyzing his or her gaming pattern and adjusting the game’s difficulty level accordingly