Sri Lankan Airlines Gesture based Customer Engagement Game

Sri Lankan Airlines, the National Airline of Sri Lanka, is an award winning carrier with a firm reputation as a global leader in service, comfort, safety and reliability. Partnering up with Sri Lankan Airlines, Arimac innovatively implemented a human body gesture based flight control game which was showcased recently at the World Trade Center for customer engagement. Arimac esteems the opportunity given to tie up with the aviation industry.

Real time gesture & velocity recognition

To identify the depth of the image, we utilized a Microsoft Kinect (depth sensing camera) and produced a unique algorithm to differentiate multiple body gestures. Via those body movements player can manipulate the velocity, position and the direction of the airplane.

Sometimes science is about seeing the invisible!

Study of aerodynamics (study of forces and the resulting motion of objects through the air) assisted us to develop a gesture based game by applying various aerodynamic principles to achieve flight in aero. Players have full control over the amount of flapping and range of wing rotation while completing a series of fun, skill-based challenges.