Arimac Gaming

    Kanchayudha | Sri Lanka’s First-ever 3D Video game that became a Nationwide hit

    Capturing the essence of a forgotten ancient era and recreating iconic local characters and events from the past, Kanchayudha remains one of the biggest games developed in Sri Lanka to date. Brought to life by the cutting-edge innovation and unsurpassed creativity of the Arimac team, the game immersed players in an epic historical saga that transported hundreds of years back in time. Kanchayudha turned out to be a nationwide hit, with a reach of 1.6 million and a fan base of 105,000 on Facebook and the game also had a total of 25,000 downloads.

    Key Features :

    • -Kanchayudha unveils the story of an ancient Sri Lankan warrior who is on a mission to find a secret and powerful weapon.
    • -Whilst facing various challenges on his journey, stories from his past are revealed and test him continuously, forcing him to face the consequences of his actions.
    • -This was the first game built using AIDF technology – it became a historical first that created waves in both local and regional gaming circuits.

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