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    Arimac - Diyazen | Sri Lanka’s First-Ever Humanoid Robot; a Machine with a Human Touch

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    Set to bring a revolutionary robot to life and give it a human touch, Arimac will launch Diyazen, Sri Lanka’s first-ever humanoid robot in 2019. The ultra-modern virtual assistant will comprise several core components and capabilities from the Arimac Cognitive Platform, such as natural language processing and dialogue management, which can all be tailored to meet a user’s specific purposes and requirements.

    Key Features :

    • -Modular humanoid robot platform that can be extended into multiple robot applications.
    • -Utilizes CNN based high-speed semantic analysis technology
    • -Slam based omni directional indoor navigation
    • -3D dynamic perception enables face, gesture and emotion identification
    • -Application SDK enables third party app developments
    • -Automatic charging and 10 hours operating time
    • -Uses the latest technology to create a more human and interactive user experience

    For inquiries:    [email protected] | +94 117 812 812

    web and mobile