Heart Food App

Arimac Heart Food App

Eating healthy leads to a good life

To eat healthy you need to be informed of what’s in the food you choose. With all the work and so little free time in our daily lives it is challenging to select healthy food by not getting lost in a world full of extravagant marketing campaigns.

That’s where Heartfood app fits right in.

Heartfood app utilizes mobile technology and empowers you to eat healthy by simplifying the process of finding out and purchasing healthy food.

Simply scanning the barcode of the product package, everything you need to know to make a healthy decision will pop up in the screen of your phone.

Arimac Heart Food App

Advanced filtering options in the app will provide an experience tailored to your needs.

Grocery lists will make your life easier by not only helping you choose healthy options, but also giving you the option of ordering those products right to your doorstep.

Above all it lives in your mobile, so that you can choose to be healthy regardless of the time and place you are in from the convenience of your fingertips.