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Online Communities

We are always on the lookout for knowledge. Let it be a new technology or something we can’t figure out about a device or a service we want to use.

Although there are lots of places to get knowledge in the vast space of information that is the internet, it is oftentimes easy to ask someone about an issue that we are facing to get the correct answer for the specific problem we have.

That is where the online communities step in.

The community page of Dialog was designed to improve this concept and to provide a better format of support provided to and from the community.

A user can search and browse through the answered questions, or post a question to the community page. A community member will answer the query providing a solution which will contain a human touch making it easier for the user to understand.

A user can also start a conversation on a technical or related topic and the community members can join in the conversation to provide various insights and helpful comments.